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FL-NY Connection

Marissa DeBellis, Esq., Owner of DeBellis Law, P.A., works with many clients that have moved to Florida from New York or split their time between New York and Florida.  Before moving to Florida, Ms. DeBellis practiced at a boutique law firm specializing in Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, and Estate Planning in New York.  Her experience practicing in New York and Florida has allowed her to develop creative estate plans for clients that maintain residence in each state and she is better equipped to give clients the tools to make informed decisions regarding their planning. 
There are many complex legal issues that may arise for people who spend a significant amount of time in both states. It is important to deal with an attorney knowledgeable about the specifics of practice in each state.  Our firm will make sure that documents prepared for you will protect your rights and assets in each state and address specific issues that may arise in each jurisdiction.



Many people with residence in both states are not sure how to plan for their future long-term care needs.  Ms. DeBellis has in-depth knowledge regarding long-term care coverage and government benefits in both New York and Florida.  She will be able to help guide you in the right direction and assist you in determining what services and benefits will best meet your needs. 

Do I Need Estate Planning Documents in Each State?

Many of our clients are concerned about whether their New York advance directives will be honored in Florida, or vice versa.  While financial institutions and medical practitioners in each state are supposed to honor estate planning documents prepared in another state (provided it is validly executed), some financial institutions and doctors may not be familiar with the forms from another state and may be reluctant to accept it.  For certain clients, it may be advisable to have a set of advance directives in each state to avoid these types of issues.  As an attorney with experience and credentials in both Florida and New York, Ms. DeBellis can properly advise her clients regarding these issues and prepare the appropriate documents in accordance with the regulations of each state. 

It is important to keep in mind, however, that you may only have one Last Will and Testament.  Depending on your residency and the types of assets you have, Ms. DeBellis will work closely with you to be sure that your affairs are handled properly.

What if I Move in the Future?

Each state has a complex body of laws and regulations, and our firm can help you navigate those issues.  There are many factors that go into making decisions regarding your planning.  However, even if you move, it may not mean that you have to redo everything.  During your consultation, Ms. DeBellis will work with you to develop a plan that will best suit you and she will create documents to provide for maximum flexibility.  

Nobody can predict the future, but we can help you plan for different possible outcomes to make sure your wishes are carried out. 

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